Saturday, November 7, 2009

This weekend I had the privilege of being able to fly home to see my family for my cousin's wedding. It has been great to catch up, and I don't want to fly back to Rexburg tomorrow... but I'm afraid I have to. I know that I act like the independent eldest child that doesn't need her family and really doesn't miss everything about being home, but I assure all of those reading this that it is all an act. I do miss my family, my bed (which really isn't mine anymore anyway), having space to myself, and all those other things I used to take for granted when life in high school sucked because I was the oppressed teenager without any freedom. Now all I want is rules and restrictions. I miss having someone to tell me what classes I need to be taking, to remind me of the things I forget and to talk me out of staying up past two at least five nights a week. I've learned lately that I can drive ten hours straight and be totally fine, and also that a good way for me to relieve my anxieties is by finding a good person whose ear I can talk off. I've also realized that I text my father more than I text or talk to anybody else, but he and I have always been close.

I think I've done some serious growing up in the last few months. Life for me is finally starting to begin and I am so excited to take hold and see where it leads. Yes, I do miss high school where things were so predictable and simple, but I also enjoy the complication that comes with being out on my own. Who knew that groceries didn't just magically appear in the fridge? I want to travel, I want to meet tons of new people in new places, but I mostly want to make the most out of life right now because these are supposed to be the best years of it. The end is never certain, but I don't worry about such things because I love the ride. 12 days till I'm home again.

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