Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

As of yesterday, it is now acceptable to refer to this time of year as the holidays. It is now perfectly ok to listen to as much Christmas music as desired. Everything has its own countdown once Thanksgiving comes and goes. Countdowns until the end of semester ( 20 days), countdowns until Christmas and countdowns until the new year begins. There is something about this time of year that is just so alluring to me. Everything takes on its own energy that is contagious. I love everything about the holidays, minus the ice and snow. Last night I was mentally putting this blog together and I think I pinpointed why I love this time of year so much. Everyone comes together. School, work, and busy schedules can't tear large families apart when it's time for Christmas. It's almost as if nothing is quite as important once everybody gets together to spend the greatest time of the year together. The unfortunate part though, time flies by way too quickly these days. Before we know it, the holiday season will be over. Christmas trees are thrown away and lights and decorations find their place back in a box in the corner of the garage, waiting until their few months of glory next year. It's sad really. Oh well, the holiday season for me has just begun. It's the day after Thanksgiving and I have approximately 40 days to delight in all the great times the holidays bring. It will be my first Christmas as a college student, and I can't wait. These 20 days will pass quickly I'm sure.


  1. A-men Sista! When are you coming back in town. will you be here before the sememster ends??? I wanna hang out with the coolest cous in all the land. BTW How are you liking your classes?

  2. I'll be home on the 18th or 19th or something. I want to see you and hang out with you so badly! I can't wait to be home and out of this weather.