Thursday, November 12, 2009

You know you go to BYU Idaho when your Relief Society activity for the week is trying on wedding rings at one of the innumerable jewelry stores located in the Rexburg area. I mean, I know that everyone here is trying to get us married off as soon as possible, but must they be so forceful? Maybe I stand alone in the " Not-even-remotely-ready-to-even-think-about-marriage" category, but I just find the emphasis on early marriage a little odd. Why can't we just wait? Though I admit, Margot is ready to be married to her missionary in Sweden. I must not be on that level yet or something. Anyway, when and to whom I marry will be right for me. Words cannot express how glad I am that my week is over. I get to go home in less than a week for ten whole days. New Moon comes out in eight, and my roommates and I have watched Twilight in our beds no less than four times this week already. I can't wait. This next few weeks is going to fly by. Soon I'll be back in Vegas for a glorious four months.


  1. i would go on strike if our relief society made us go try on rings. i hate the push on marriage!! there are bridal magazines in the food court. ring stores located on every corner of campus. makes me sick. haha love you

  2. LOVED NEW MOON!!! I completely understand about the gross wedding experiment they are playing on these poor people. Mainly you and me. Stoopids.