Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

What it is about Sunday that kills every motivation I have to do my homework and clean and do laundry and all of those other important things in my life? It is the same story every week. I get up way too early and venture out into the tundra to church, after church we all fall asleep for a few hours, and we wake up groggy and unwilling to do anything productive or meaningful. It's almost 8 and I am ready to go to bed already. Scratch that, I'm ready for my third nap. Bed will not be a reality until MUCH later. It must be the end of the semester, because we are all a little mentally fried. I don't know if I know one college student that isn't. It's the little things that have been getting me through the day lately. The random texts from Andrew that always say something along the lines of " I lovvve youuu" or " I missss youuu", the almost daily trips to Whore, Please, the reinstitution of our movie night traditions, walking into heated buildings for relief from the cold, naps, new music, you know... that sort of thing. I also have been doing my Christmas shopping lately so that has put me in a good mood too. Oh well, I have 12 days until I'm home again. I miss my family. But for now, I have much to do. I have a date with a Book of Mormon paper. This begins now. TTFN everybody.

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  1. I finished hunger games and i am in the middle of being very mad at catching fire. LOved the first!!!!Cant wait to see you