Monday, November 2, 2009

Au Contraire

Since moving up to college, there are a few things I have noticed that are quite contrary to popular belief.

1. Idaho is not peaceful and quiet. I figured moving here would be a nice relaxing experience, especially coming from somewhere so alive and noisy as Vegas. I could not have been more wrong. Between the screaming banshees outside and the wild pack of wildebeest that seem to always be square dancing upstairs, it is nearly impossible to sleep. Though they always are loud and out of control, the occasional rave that happens on the far end of the dorms is always entertaining to watch. The screaming banshees also hold a great deal of my interest, only because I am dumbfounded that one can have so much energy so late at night, especially with a schedule like ours. One of my favorite banshee moments happened last night, while I was sitting in my room and heard someone shriek "FREE THE RUSSIANS!" at the top of their lungs.

2. Mondays are great. I went from deploring this day in high school to looking forward to it in college. Why? This is simply because my classes do not begin until 12:45 on Mondays, therefore making it so that I have adequate time to sleep in. My sleep this morning was unfortunately prematurely interrupted when I woke up at about 7 AM to find myself baking in my bed. This was a result of my electric blanket magically turning itself on high at some point during the night. This happens more than you'd think actually.

3. My professors do not know as much as I had hoped. If I had 10 cents for all the times that I have heard one of them utter the phrase "I have no idea" I would easily be able to pay for one of my textbooks in dimes. I have no sympathy either, considering that these lovely men and women are supposed to be experts in their subjects.

Like the nicknames that I posted earlier, I'm sure more "Au Contraire's" will come to me over the course of my time here. Similarly to the nicknames, these discoveries will also be posted.

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