Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This is ridiculous

Dear BYU-Idaho administration,
I, along with my fellow students, greatly appreciate all that you do to keep the roads free of snow around campus for safe driving. I sincerely mean that, especially someone like me who has an inimical relationship with the snow. My only query about your service is why you don't use the same care to clean or salt the sidewalks around campus. Such lack of attention to the sidewalks makes it horrifically hard to walk anymore, especially on a hill, and drenches the pants of any pedestrian with great amounts of brown sludge. The reason for this being that our sidewalks are heated, making the snow melt and combine with the dirt trod all over the place. This creates the horrible sludge that plagues the feet of all that are forced to walk through the campus in the cold. Whilst walking outside today, I had the privilege of feeling my ears freeze and almost dismember themselves from my head. I also had the pleasant opportunity of falling on my side and injuring both my pride and my ribs. Please see to it that this problem receives more consideration on behalf of all the students, and myself, that have been put in danger due to the neglect of the sidewalks on campus.
Sincerely Yours,
Elizabeth Skouson

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