Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ok, this has got to stop.

A nine month blogging hiatus is never cool. For the few people who read my blog, I apologize for my overly-long absence. I do have a story that is a partial excuse. So, I did try to blog a few months ago. But when I tried to login I couldn't remember my password for my life. I'm the kind of person that uses two passwords for everything. And it was neither of those two. I was freaking out. So, I tried the passwords I knew a few more times, realized that blogging that night was futile, and went to bed. That was sometime in November. So, since November I kind of forgot that I even had a blog. But today I resolved that somehow I would figure this nonsense out. And I did. And it was the password I thought it was. My only explanation is that I had caps lock on the last time. That must mean I need to blog more. So here we are. I've decided I was going to use this post as a recap of my last nine months. These are the major events.

These are in no particular order.

1. My family moved. I had lived in my same house on Rainbow and Oakey for almost 15 years. It was the house I grew up in. When my family told me that we were moving to Centennial area my heart kind of stopped. I couldn't imagine being away from my house I loved so much. But, it happened. It's still taking some getting use to since it's quite a bit smaller than the other house. But it's working out. I share a room with Maddy now. In fact, she's breathing into my hair as I type this. She likes to get extra close to me while she's asleep. I miss the other side of town, I miss a bigger house, but I'm happy.

2. I finally figured out what I want to do. With a career that is. As many of you know, English was always the only thing I was good at in high school. That kind of followed me to college. English is what I like. It's easy for me. I've been majoring in it since my first semester, but I finally know what I want to do with it. I want to be an editor. I have this weird little fantasy of working in a high rise building someday as a prestigious book editor. Some sort of hybrid between a less icy and non-Canadian version of Margaret Tate from The Proposal and a less terrifying and slightly younger version of Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. Before I can worry about any sort of career for myself I need to finish school first. I still have at least two and a half years.

3. I sent a boyfriend out on a mission. My dear boyfriend Anthony and I have been dating for just over a year. And he's been in the MTC in Provo since February 16th. He'll leave for Puebla, Mexico sometime in April. It's been a major adjustment not seeing him every day, but I'm happy. I know he's happy and working hard and that makes me happy too. I've got a good feeling about all of it. I love him and talk to him as much as I can. Keeping busy is the key.

That's all the major stuff. I go back to Idaho in a month and a half and am sure that will open a whole new can of worms. If you've read this far into this post, please accept my apology for how horribly this has been thrown together. I'm getting back into the swing of things. Until next time, when my thoughts will be more organized.


  1. When I saw that your blog was updated...I kinda gaffed! I can't believe you are back. And I sincerely cannot wait until the goodnesses of the Lizzy Posts are back in the action!

    Love ya lots.

  2. Hey Liz! Glad so see you're back! You should stop to see David and I on your way back up to the burg :)

  3. #1 I second Kayla. Your blogs are great:) (I too should write on mine.)
    #2 I LOVE your new idea of an editor. I think it is the most perfect thing for you. I can picture you just how you stated it.
    #3 It's been a while and I thought I't say hi:)

  4. agreed. i missed your colorful language in the blogging world haha. are you hanging in there without anthony?? here's a tip that helped me a lot: coldstone :)

  5. Yaya!!! I love you Elizabeth Rose Skouson!